. Mount Hololo Cascade to Santa Cruz.

. La Sagesse Trace, Santa Cruz to Maracas Bay.
. Capriata Trace, Santa Cruz to North Coast Road.
. Loango Hill, Luengo Village to Maracas Bay and vice versa.
. Luengo Village to Angel Waterfalls.
. Hobal Trace, Luengo Village to Mt. El Tucuche

  (return and circuit).
. Acono Village, Maracas St. Joseph to Mt. El Tucuche.
. Caurita Ridge to Mt. El Tucuche.
. Caurita Ridge to Las Cuevas Bay.
. Caurita Ridge to Rincon Village.
. Caura Village to Las Cuevas Bay.
. Guanapo Gorges from the quarry.
. Guanapo Gorges from Arima/Blanchisseuse Road.
. Sombasson and Lalaja Waterfalls.
. El Cerro del Aripo from Arima/Blanchisseuse Road.
. El Cerro del Aripo from Brasso Seco via Mount Bleu Ridge.
. El Cerro del Aripo from Aripo Village.
. Macajuel Pond in Madamas Village.
. Madamas Waterfalls, Madamas Village.
. Madamas River exploration, Madamas Village.
. Double Rivers Waterfalls, Madamas Village.
. Sobo Waterfalls, Madamas Village.
. North Oropouche River, Valencia.
. Upper North Oropouche River, Valencia.
. Turure Water steps, Cumaca Village.
. Cumaca Oil Bird Cave, Cumaca Village.
. Tucker Valley circuit hike.
. Covigne River Trail.
. Chaguaramas Golf Course trail to Macqueripe Bay.
. Morne Catherine road trek.
. Morne Catherine trail trek.
. Angel Waterfalls from Zorro Village.
. Habio Waterfalls from Rincon Village.
. Chorro Waterfalls from Rincon Village.
. Chorro Waterfalls from Acono Village.
. Chorro Waterfalls from Caurita Ridge.
. Saint Cion Bay from Morne Coco Road.
. Mal D’Estomac Bay from Paragran Village.
. Mal D’Estomac Bay from Paramin Village.
. Negmawah Bay from North Coast Road.
. Peechon Cove from North Coast Road.
. Cyril Bay from the North Coast Road.
. Lovers Bay from Timberline Road, North Coast Road.
. Balata Bay from the North Coast Road.
. Maraquete Bay from the North Coast Road.
. Rio Seco Waterfalls, Salybia.
. Balandra Basins from Alcindor Trace, Balandra.
. Balandra Basins from Salybia.

. Rampanalgas Waterfalls.

. Mount Tamana Bat Cave.
. Matura Basins, Thomas Trace, Matura.
. Upper Matura Basins, Matura.
. Paria Bay and Waterfalls, Paria.
. Marianne/Avocar Waterfalls, Blanchisseuse.
. Three Pools, Blanchisseuse.
. Yarra Gorges, Yarra Village.
. Caura Village to Lopinot Village.
. Las Lapas Trace, Arima/Blanchisseuse road to Lopinot.
. Tumbasson Village, Caura to Morne la Croix Village.
. Mt. Poui Road, Aripo to Hollis Reservoir, Valencia.


. Mt. Chaguaramal from Aripo.

. Paria Old Road, Grande Riviere to Sans Souci Village.

. Cumana Village to Sans Souci via Anglais Road.
. Grand Fond Road, L’Anse Noire to Sans Souci.
. Grand Fond Road, Mission to L’Anse Noir/ Sans Souci.
. Homad and Jakatan Waterfalls, Grande Riviere.
. Shark River, Grande Riviere.
. Matelot Waterfalls, Matelot.
. Matelot to Madamas Bay and River.
. Matelot to Blanchisseuse.
. Blanchisseuse/Matelot to Grand Tacarib/Petit Tacarib.
. Lamoshell Mud Volcano and Beach from Bunsee Trace, Penal.
. Mt. Tabor, Mt. St. Benedict.
. Guanapo to Aripo.
. Blue Basin, Diego Martin from Cameron Hill.
. Blazney Village to Peechon Cove.
. North Coast Road, up Fond Pois Doux Road to Paramin Village and return

  (circuit trek).

. Canari Bay from Guayaguayare.
. Trinity Hills trek.
. Moruga Bouffe. 
. Guayaguayare Bouffe.
. Bush Bush Sanctuary from Kerneham Village, Mayaro.
. Caigual Bay from Caigual Village, North Manzanilla.
. North Manzanilla Bay.
. Forest Point trek in Toco.
. Aripo Basins.
. Aripo Bat Caves.
. Edith Waterfalls, Chaguaramas.
. Perriquier Bay to Bande du Sud, Chacachacare Island.
. Perriquier Bay to Bulmer’s Bay, Chacachacare Island.
. Perriquier Bay to the lighthouse, Chacachacare Island.
. Point Gourde trek, Chaguaramas.
. Scotland Bay to the Cove, Chaguaramas. 
. Black Pool, Maracas.
. Chancellor Hill to Fondes Amandes, St. Anns.
. Maracas Waterfalls trail.
Maracas Waterfalls circuit trek.


. Gilpin Trail, Tobago Main Ridge

. Niplig Trail, Tobago Main Ridge

. Pigeon Peak

. Little Bay to Big (cotton) Bay

. Hillsborough Dam to Delaford Dam (De Dam Hike)

. Starwood Bay & Pirates Bay

. Pigeon Peak to Kings Bay, Speyside

. Cullodon to Arnos Vale Bay

. Celery Bay

. Mt Dillon to Delaford 

. Tobago Main Ridge Trails

. Crusoe Cave

. Historic Forts of Tobago

. Double River Falls

. Parlatuvier Water Fall

. Castara Water Fall

. Cameron Trail and waterfall

. Upper Argyle River Waterfall

. Highland Waterfall

. Rainbow Waterfall

. No Man's Land & Nylon Pool

. Black Pool